Fruit Fusion berry
[froot] noun, plural fruits / the edible part of a plant developed from a flower, with any accessory tissues, as the peach, mulberry, or banana.
Fruit Fusion kiwi
fu-sion [fyzoo-zhuhn] / the act or process of fusing; the state of being fused.
Fruit Fusion lemon
e-mul-sion [ih-muhl-shuhn] / physical chemistry...any colloidal suspension of a liquid in another liquid.
Fruit Fusion Naartjie
a-ro-ma / an odour arising arising from spices, plants, cooking, etc. esp. an agreeable odour; fragrance.
Fruit Fusion apple
fla-vour[fley-ver] / taste esp. the distinctive taste of something as it is experienced in the mouth.
Fruit Fusion strawberry
for-mu-la-ted [fawr-myuh-ley] / to devise or develop, as a method, system, etc.

a fusion of flavour and service

Fruit Fusion

Fruit Fusion was established in January 2007, we are a flavour house, which specializes in the manufacturing of flavours, emulsions and ­flavoured syrup blends. Fruit Fusion has also ­captured a large ­market nationally within the food and beverage industry, trading in fruit pulps and ­concentrates. All the products we ­specialize in and supply go hand in hand and clients have the ­opportunity and convenience of purchasing all ­specialized products from Fruit Fusion.

From inception Fruit Fusion has proven to be a highly efficient, ­professional and ­reliable ­supplier to all our clients. Hence although being a young company, F² has acquired a ­l­oyal national ­customer base that continues to grow annually. We have made inroads and ­developed firm ­relationships with established companies with ­quality brands throughout South Africa have chosen F² as their preferred supplier.

Mr. Lee Willcock founder and managing member of Fruit Fusion F², has strived to add a new dimension into the market by amalgamating competitive pricing, high quality products together with outstanding service. Thus the appropriate slogan “Fusion of Flavours and Service…”

Mr. Willcock and his technical team of food technologists offer in-depth technical support, research and development on new and existing products, knowledge to clients on flavours, emulsions, colours and concentrates as well as how our products can enhance and add value to your product. Fruit Fusion F² covers a wide spectrum of manufacturers and we can formulate and/or develop products to suit the customer’s individual needs.

Our focus is to grow our company through relationships, good quality products and outstanding service.


  • "Fruit Fusion - A service orientated company who will go the extra mile for their clients."

    Petra Stellen Fine Wines
  • Love the personalised service from Lee, sincere and friendly, always a pleasure doing business with Fruit Fusion.

    Fatima O'ya Sweets
  • Fruit Fusion is one of our very reliable Suppliers. It is a pleasure to have Fruit Fusion as a Supplier we can count on.

    Sam Sir Fruit
  • We have been doing business with Fruit Fusion since 2015 and only experienced excellence!  They have never let us down.

    Ginger Meister Beverages (Pty) Ltd

About us

We manufacture

  • Our own flavoured emulsions and neutral cloudifiers on site.
  • Our own flavours for the food and beverage market and new flavours can be developed for a client’s specific requirements.
  • Compounded fruit blends and flavoured syrups for the bottled water industry to the ­clients specific desired profile.

We deliver

  • All deliveries within the Cape Town area to our clients are done by Fruit Fusion staff in clean and fully Fruit Fusion branded vehicles.
  • Any deliveries outside of the Cape Town area are ­outsourced to a 3rd party courier service. Parcels and stock on delivery are scanned in with bar code and ­monitored via the online computer system to track the progress up until the actual delivery takes place.

We trade

  • In fruit pulps and concentrates
  • In colourants and various powdered commodities

We develop new products

  • For all our existing and new potential clients

Our nationwide current clients are manufacturers of:


Fruit juices


Flavoured bottled water




Carbonated soft drinks


Yoghurts and ice creams


Alcoholic beverages


Tinned products


Flavoured frozen treat products


Cooking sauces

Our team

  • Lee Willcock
    Lee Willcock Managing Member
    • Macneal Minnaar
      Macneal Minnaar Production & Delivery
      • Eddie Ryan
        Eddie Ryan Maintenance
        • Margaretha Manus
          Margaretha Manus Administration, Orders & Stock Control
          • Scott Monk
            Scott Monk Quality, Systems & Product Development
            • Athalie du Plessis
              Athalie du Plessis Quality, Analytical & Product Development

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              Contact details

              t:    021 872 9015

              f:    021 872 9018

              20 De Vreugde Crescent Unit 2
              Western Cape
              South Africa

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